One Glass of Milk

Poverty leads to struggle. Struggle to survive. Struggle gives experiences and experience is what grows you up.

There was a poor boy who wanted to study in school. He was selling goods from door to door to pay his education expenses. One day he was not having enough money. He was hungry.

He decided to ask for some food at the next door he knocks. As he knocked upon the door, a beautiful girl opened the door. The poor boy lost his nerve and instead of asking for the food, he asked for water.

The girl could see that the boy is starving so she brought a glass of milk for the boy. The boy took the glass of milk very quickly. This glass of milk was precious then anything at that time for the boy. The boy drank the glass of milk. The boy asked the girl, “How much do I have to pay you?” “You do not have to pay me anything”, she replied “We have been brought up listening to our mother that we should never accept payment for a kindness.”

“I am very thankful for this kindness; I will always remember it”, the boy says.

The boy name was Howard Kelly. The boy not only felt physically strong but his faith in God and his creations was also very strong now. He could have quit the struggle. He could have started begging but at the time he was going to give up, God showed him his presence. Someone is there who cares. You just need to keep going. You just need to have faith.


After a long time, the woman’s health became very critical. The doctors were not sure what type of disease the woman is suffering from. They recommended a specialist at the big city to study woman’s case. Dr. Howard Kelly was the specialist there. They called Dr. Howard Kelly for the consultation.

Doctor had a feeling when he heard the name of the town the woman came from. He always wanted to meet the woman once in his life. The woman who came as an angel in his life. He stood quickly and went straight to the hospital to see the patient. Wearing his doctor’s gown, he went inside the room.


He recognized the woman in his first glance. He left the room and took the case straight away. He was determined to give the best of him to save the woman. From that day he gave all his time to her and did his best to cure the disease.

After a very long struggle and hard work, he had success in saving the woman. The battle against a very rare disease was won. Dr. Kelly asked the business office to give him the bill for approving it.

The doctor looked at the bill and then wrote a line at the end of the bill and asked to send this bill to the women’s room. While opening the bill, the woman had that fear. The fear of not being able to pay the bill due. She opened the bill and something made her cry as she read  “Paid in full with one glass of milk”.

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